Product Feature: Atmotube Pro Personal Indoor Air Quality Monitory

As we’ve learned more about the effects of low air quality on human health, it’s become more and more crucial for people to be aware of the air quality in their surroundings. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the ATMO Atmotube Pro, a personal indoor air quality monitor that lets you measure air quality anytime, anywhere.


What Is the ATMO Atmotube Pro?


The Atmotube Pro is a compact, portable air quality monitor that you can easily carry with you anywhere. The unit is just 3.3×1.9×0.8 inches in size and weighs only 3.65 ounces, making it easy to slip into a pocket or purse for easy, on-the-go air quality measurements.


The Atmotube Pro connects directly to your phone via Bluetooth and displays detailed air quality information in a simple, easy-to-use app. This app generates an air quality score, allowing you to quickly see how clean or polluted the air in your immediate vicinity is.


What Pollutants Does the Atmotube Pro Detect?


The Atmotube Pro detects fine particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, two key components of air pollution. Critically, this indoor air quality monitor measures multiple size ranges of fine particulate matter, allowing it to sense several types of particles in the air around you. The unit also measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.


How to Use the Atmotube Pro


As noted above, the Atmotube Pro connects to your phone via Bluetooth. For optimal results, be sure to use the monitor in close proximity to your phone, as this will give you the most accurate information on the air immediately surrounding you. To avoid connection issues, it’s recommended to use the device within 30-60 feet of your phone.


Thanks to the Atmotube Pro, keeping an eye on the air quality around you is easier than ever. Have questions about this or our other indoor air quality monitoring devices? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us for answers and product recommendations based on your needs.

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